5 FAQs About Carpet Repair

Damage to your carpets can be frustrating. But if you have noticed that your carpet is buckling or fraying, or if you have burn marks or damaged seams, don’t despair. A carpet repair (http://www.orbitcleaningservice.com/services/carpet-repair/) professional may be able to fix your damaged carpet at far less trouble and expense than replacing the entire carpet. Below, a Phoenix AZ carpet cleaning expert answers some common questions about carpet repair.

1. My carpet has begun to buckle or roll. Is there anything that can be done? If you’ve noticed that your carpet is buckling or rolling, it may not be necessary to purchase a new carpet. Instead, you can hire a carpet repair Phoenix professional to stretch your carpet back to its original shape. 

2. Is it possible to fix damaged seams on a carpet? Sometimes, the seams on your carpet may become damaged. Not only is this unattractive, it can also be dangerous, causing people to trip and fall. A carpet repair professional can fix this problem, thus extending the life of your carpet.

3. There are indentations on my carpet. Is this damage permanent? Not necessarily. Heavy furniture or other items will sometimes leave deep depressions in a carpet, which can be tricky to remove after you move the furniture. For small indents, you may be able to use an ice cube to wet the area and then “fluff” the carpet back to its normal appearance. Using a steam iron on your carpet may also help remove indentations. However, if the indentations are extensive, it may be easier to call a Phoenix AZ carpet cleaning  professional and discuss whether they can remove the indentations.

4. My carpet has a burn mark on it. Can it be fixed? That depends on the extent of the burn damage. If the burn marks are relatively small, it may be possible to repair the carpet through patching. Often, a carpet repair company will use pieces of carpet from a closet or under a piece of furniture to create the patch. When done correctly, the patch should be nearly invisible.

5. I’ve noticed a loose thread on my carpet or rug. Should I be concerned? Yes. A single loose thread may not seem like a big deal, but if left unattended, it could eventually contribute to the unraveling of the carpet. When you notice a loose thread, snip it as you would a loose thread on a sweater so that it doesn’t further unravel. You may also want to call a carpet repair Phoenix expert to fix the damage and prevent further unraveling.

Orbit Cleaning Service offers carpet repair in Phoenix, Scottsdale, Mesa, Tempe, Gilbert, Goodyear, Surprise, Peoria & Chandler AZ. For your free carpet repair consultation call 480-516-0281 or visit www.orbitcleaningservice.com today.


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