Tips on making your rugs last longer

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6 Tips on Making Your Rugs Last Longer

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Tip #1: Vacuum regularly.  Dirt wears down the fibers in your rug.  So if you allow dirt to build up, your rug is going to wear out sooner than if you vacuum at least once a week.  At Orbit Cleaning Service, we tell our clients that carpet cleaning in Phoenix is like car maintenance.  When you take your car in for regular oil changes, you keep it lasting longer and can actually prevent costlier repairs.  Same with vacuuming your rug regularly.

Tip #2: Get professional carpet cleaning in Phoenix every 6-12 months.  While vacuuming at least once a week is important, your rug also needs to be professionally cleaned on a regular basis (we recommend every six months if your rugs are highly trafficked and/or you have pets; otherwise once a year).  To use the auto analogy again, even when you do regular oil changes, you still need the every 10,000-mile maintenance done too.  To keep your rug looking its best, schedule a professional carpet cleaning.

Tip #3: In addition to carpet cleaning, rearrange the furniture.  Some people like to rearrange their furniture every so often – maybe it’s a feng shui thing – but it’s actually good for your rugs, too.  When you rearrange your furniture, you’re minimizing continual wear and tear on any given area.  Just as you get your car’s tires rotated, to keep the wear even, so should you “rotate” the furniture.

Tip #4: Keep a carpet cleaning “first aid” kit handy.  Next time you’re at the store, pick up a bottle of spot remover.  If it’s an emergency (Aunt Judy got too animated with her red wine again!) and you don’t have any on hand, club soda works well too.  The key here – very important! – is to blot, not scrub.  This way, you’re pulling the stain out of the fibers.  If you scrub, you’re pushing the stain down into the fibers, setting it in.  Rinse, blot, rinse.

Tip #5: If you do have a significant spill, call your residential carpet cleaning service right away.  Even if you’ve used stain remover, you probably have not completely removed the stain, and it will attract dirt and grime over time.  The longer you wait, the harder it will be to fully remove the stain.  This is especially important for pet stains.

Tip #6: When you do get your rug professionally cleaned, make sure the company uses green cleaning techniques.  Some carpet cleaning service companies use toxic chemicals that are bad for your rug, for your health, and for the environment, too.  At Orbit Cleaning Service, our green cleaning process is environmentally safe, non-toxic, and designed to prevent the kind of carpet shrinking and mildew build-up that some cleaning services leave behind.

Orbit Cleaning Service can help you keep your rugs beautiful longer. For your free residential carpet cleaning consultation call 480-516-0281 or visit today.




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